Fruchtige Kombucha-Brause (Rezept) - Fruity Fizzy Red Kombucha Recipe
Fruchtige Kombucha-Brause (Rezept) - Fruity Fizzy Red Kombucha Recipe
Fruchtige Kombucha-Brause (Rezept) - Fruity Fizzy Red Kombucha Recipe

Fruity Fizzy Red Kombucha Recipe

By Irina Schukowski  

August 15, 2016

After tasting this Fruity Fizzy Red Kombucha you will never want to drink lemonade again. It is so tasty AND healthy. It is also a nice nightcap. So you can replace your glass of wine, champagne or beer with red kombucha!

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Yields: 1l kombucha


1 litre water* (see notes)

2 tea bags or 2 heaped tsp. loose green tea

1 tea bag or 1 tsp. red fruit tea

¼ cup rapadura or coconut sugar or 2 heaped Tbsp. (50g) honey

1 scoby

¼ cup old kombucha or white vinegar

Second Fermentation


Fruit or natural red juice (no sugar added)


1Place tea and sugar (or honey) in a saucepan and add freshly boiled water. Stir until sugar (or honey) is dissolved. Let cool until lukewarm or cold.

2Remove tea bags or strain tea leaves from the tea.

3Wash a big jar** (see notes) thoroughly with hot water. Do not use detergent!

4Pour cooled tea and old kombucha or vinegar in the jar. Add scoby. Cover jar with a piece of paper towel or a clean cloth and secure with a rubber band.

5Leave to ferment at room temperature out of direct sunlight for 5 to 10 days.*** (see notes)

6Remove scoby and place it in a clean bowl.

7Strain kombucha to remove floaties. Remain some kombucha for the next batch. Start the process again from Step 1.

Second Fermentation:

1Pour kombucha into bottles leaving about 5cm headspace.

2Add small pieces of fruit or juice to fill the bottle. Close lid airtight. This is very important. It needs to be airtight to get a bubbly, fizzy drink.

3Leave to ferment again at room temperature for 2 to 3 days.**** (see notes)

4Store the bottles in the fridge. You can enjoy this Fruity Fizzy Kombucha any time.

* This recipe is for 1l tea. You can double the ingredients for 2l or triple them for 3l. In any case, you need only one scoby. It has to be bigger though, the more water you use. I recommend that you start with 1l and make larger quantities as your scoby grows. After a while the scoby will be so big, that the fermentation process will go faster. Your kombucha will taste like vinegar quicker. You can throw an old piece of the scoby in the compost or give it to the chooks to eat.

** You need some headspace in the first fermentation, otherwise the kombucha will overfill. I recommend that you use a 1.5l or 2l jar for 1l tea, a 2.5l or 3l jar for a 2l tea and so on.

*** How many days the fermentation takes, depends on you taste and your climate. Try a bit of your kombucha every day after 4 days fermentation. It shouldn't taste sweet anymore, but also not like vinegar. It can have a slightly acidic taste. I like my kombucha in summer after 7 days and in winter after 9 days.

**** Use plastic water bottles for the second fermentation at the beginning. The kombucha is ready, when the bottle is rock-hard. It takes longer in winter. Place the bottle in the fridge, when it is hard, otherwise it might explode. Try the water bottles for a while until you know, how long the fermentation needs in your home. Only then switch to airtight glass bottles, e.g. Grolsch bottles.



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