Fermented Cucumbers - fermentierte Gurken

Addictive Fermented Cucumbers – Totally Easy Recipe

These cucumbers are so delicious and easy to make. Try one and you will be hooked too. Enjoy a view with each meal to cleanse your insides and improve your digestive system.

Fermented Green Lablab Beans - Fermentierte Helmbohnen

Fermented Green Lablab Beans for a Healthy Gut

I am not a big fan of green beans, but fermented they taste amazing, similar to gherkins. I only fermented lablab beans yet, but you can ferment any green beans. Remember, all fermented food is good for your gut and your immune system - so enjoy!

Fruchtige Kombucha-Brause (Rezept) - Fruity Fizzy Red Kombucha Recipe

Fruity Fizzy Red Kombucha Recipe

After tasting this Fruity Fizzy Red Kombucha you will never want to drink lemonade again. It is so tasty AND healthy. It is also a nice nightcap. So you can replace your glass of wine, champagne or beer with red kombucha!

Green Rhubarb Puree

Green Rhubarb Puree

This tart puree is so versatile. You can dash it on ice cream, porridge or just eat it out of the jar! I love it as a dessert with yogurt and cacao nibs.

Anzac Biscuits - Anzac Kekse

Healthier Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits are very popular in Australia, especially on Anzac Day. This is a healthier version. Wholemeal flour and honey transform these biscuits to a wholesome delicacy.

Crunchy Cucumber Freezer Pickles

How to Freeze Cucumbers

Yes, you can freeze cucumbers, but for the best result you should marinate them in vinegar first. Freezing cucumbers is the fastest and easiest way to preserve your bumper crop. I just defrosted my last container from last year and the cucumbers are still crunchy and divine. They are delicious on crackers with Camembert. You won't get enough as them!

Orange Ice Cream

Orange Ice Cream with Raw Pumpkin

This heavenly scented orange ice cream is packed with nutrients. The pumpkin adds a light orange colour to the ice cream, but you won't taste it. A sneaky way to add veggies to your kids diet. Wild orange essential oil is an immune booster, so it gives the ice cream an extra kick.

Probiotic Basil Cucumber Soup - Probiotische Gurkensuppe mit Basilikum

Probiotic Basil Cucumber Soup

This is a wonderful way to use up your cucumbers and basil. Plus the powerful ingredients will supercharge your immune system.

Ridiculously Easy and so Healthy Raw Chocolate Spread Recipe Super einfaches, gesundes, rohes Schokoladenbutter-Rezept

Ridiculously Easy and so Healthy Raw Chocolate Spread Recipe

This delicious and healthy raw chocolate spread is really easy to make. You will never buy any chocolate spread from a shop again! I am not sure how long it will store in the fridge. It never lasts more then 2 days in our house! Check out the recipe notes for more uses.

Slightly Spicy Zucchini Pickles - Pikant eingelegte Zucchini

Slightly Spicy Zucchini Pickles

These zucchini pickles are easy to make. Enjoy them as side dish or on fresh bread with Camembert cheese. You can make them hotter by adding more chillies or don't use chillies at all, if you are no fan of hot and spicy food.