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Crunchy Cucumber Freezer Pickles

How to Freeze Cucumbers

Yes, you can freeze cucumbers, but for the best result you should marinate them in vinegar first. Freezing cucumbers is the fastest and easiest way to preserve your bumper crop. I just defrosted my last container from last year and the cucumbers are still crunchy and divine. They are delicious on crackers with Camembert. You won't get enough as them!

Fermented Cucumbers - fermentierte Gurken

Addictive Fermented Cucumbers – Totally Easy Recipe

These cucumbers are so delicious and easy to make. Try one and you will be hooked too. Enjoy a view with each meal to cleanse your insides and improve your digestive system.

Probiotic Basil Cucumber Soup - Probiotische Gurkensuppe mit Basilikum

Probiotic Basil Cucumber Soup

This is a wonderful way to use up your cucumbers and basil. Plus the powerful ingredients will supercharge your immune system.