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Green Web Hosting – Choose a Green Host to Power Your Website

Green Web Hosting - Choose a Green Host to Power Your WebsitePhoto Credit: Sandia Labs

Have you ever heard the expression “green web hosting”? Did you know, that any visit to a website has a carbon footprint? For you to be able to visit a website any time of the day, there has to be a server running 24/7 in a data centre plus a backup data system and a backup power supply. The billions of people using internet services worldwide require huge data centres resulting in an enormous energy consumption.

Most of these data centres are using fossil fuel to generate their electricity.  Every year there are more internet users and more data is accessed via the internet. Just think about the Cloud and all the data people store online. All this leads to a dramatic increase in carbon emissions. But there are good news too: A growing number of companies have begun to use renewable power to supply their data centres, including major operators such as Apple, Facebook and Google. (Check out Greenpeace’s Click Green Scorecard to find out which of your favourite websites are powered by clean or dirty energy!)

More and more people have their own website, either for personal, business use or both. But sadly, not many people think about how their website is powered and what impact this has on the environment. To have a website you need a web host. This is a company, who stores your data, so internet users can access it all the time. As a publisher you have the responsibility to choose a web host, who uses renewable energy to power the servers.

When I started my first blog Aussie Buschfunk, I was looking for a green web host, who is not only reliable, but also affordable. My partner already used the American green web host GreenGeeks for our business website Smallman Guitars. I tried to find a similar or better web host on the German and Australian market, but I was not able to do so. In the end I decided to use GreenGeeks for my blog and I must say, I am completely satisfied with their service and with the value I receive for my money. That’s why I am using the same host for my new blog Healthy Earth – Healthy you as well.


Why Choose GreenGeeks?

1. Green Power

Greengeeks2Green web hosting companies purchase credits from green electricity suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint. GreenGeeks goes a step further: The company purchases 3 times as much green electricity from wind farms as they need to power their servers. As far as I know, no other company does that, and this reason alone would be enough for me to choose this web host. But there is more:

  • GreenGeeks ensures that all servers are running efficiently and that less energy has to be used for cooling.
  • In the office recycling is  standard practice.
  • Documents are printed only when it is absolutely necessary.
  • Power is saved wherever possible.
  • Employees take turns in sharing their home cooked meals with their colleagues, which avoids unnecessary waste that would be caused by takeaway dishes.
  • Employees who live far away from the data centre can either work at home or in a nearby office. This saves time, money and emissions.

2. Cost

For only USD 3.96 per month you get unlimited web space including free domain registration. This is really cost-effective!

3. Reliability

GreenGeeks places a high priority on avoiding downtime. Therefore, the company uses only high-end servers, which are stored in climate-controlled data centers. The centres are equipped with fire extinguishing and water detector systems. A backup of all data is performed each night. Specialists work round the clock to guarantee a smooth operation.

4. Great Customer Service

Customer service is available 24/7 via phone, email and live chat. I used this service quite a bit. I always got my questions answered and immediate help with several problems by highly qualified staff.

5. Free Website Migration

Are you dissatisfied with your web host or are you looking for a cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative? No problem! GreenGeeks can organize the transfer for free.

6. Earn Money

If you recommend GreenGeeks to your friends, you can earn some cash. For more information check out the GreenGeeks Affiliat Program.


What are the Disadvantages?

1. Limited Domain Name Selection

GreenGeeks registers or transfers your domain name for free. However, you can’t register domain names with the Australian ending You can only choose between .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .ca or .biz. I chose for Aussie Buschfunk the ending .net and for Healthy Earth – Healthy You .com. But if you wish to have an Australian domain name, you can register it cheaply with GoDaddy and still use GreenGeeks as host.

2. Downtime During the Day

Every data center must maintain, upgrade and repair their servers. GreenGeeks usually performs longer jobs during the night on weekends. But because of the time difference downtime can happen in Australia during the day. Usually clients are informed in advance about upcoming maintenance. I have been with GreenGeeks for more then 2 years now. During that time it only happened twice that my website was not available for  a view hours during the day because of scheduled maintenance.


Conclusion: GreenGeeks is an environmentally friendly and inexpensive green web hosting company, who offers unlimited web space. If for some reason, you don’t choose GreenGeeks to host your website, at least choose another green host to help our environment!

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